Jewellery workshops

We offer a couple of different workshops.

One is a full day jewellery workshop. With a capacity of 4 people, it's an informal fun day, with all materials, lunch, tea and cakes included. It kicks off with a cuppa and demonstration on the basic techniques of soldering, forming, forging, piercing and finishing. This takes about 45 minutes, and after that attendees are encouraged to design and start making their very own collection. Attendees make anything from one piece to 7 pieces in the full day, the average is 5 pieces. 

The cost of the full day is £125, and you can purchase a workshop experience gift voucher in the products section. Separate dates can also be arranged for groups of 3 or more at no extra cost. Workshops can also be booked via the contact page or over the telephone. 



The next is a private workshop 

This will be a one to one session where more advanced techniques can be taught, including stone setting. The cost for this workshop is £250, including stones and materials, and can also be bought as a voucher in the products section. Or booked via the contact page or by telephone.