Size Guide

Finding the correct size of jewellery can be difficult. We have created this simple size guide for all our products. 

Ring Sizing Guide 

We stock ladies rings in sizes H - U and men's ring sizes K - Z. 

Our ring size table shows the sizes and inside circumference or all our ring sizes, to help you find the correct ring size to give that perfect fit.  Please note our table is just a guide and we would alway recommend you get your finger measured. You can drop by our store in Perth and get measured or you can purchase one of our Ring Sizers


Our Bracelets come in three sizes small ( 7.5 ") , medium ( 8" ) and large ( 9" ). 


Our Necklaces are available in different sizes and styles. The Necklace guide is designed to give you an idea on where the necklace will sit on you. 

Our 16" and 18" necklaces will typically sit quite close to the neck and above the collar bone. While our 20" necklaces typically sit below the collar bone. 30" necklace will typically sit on or below the bust and in some cases can be wrapped to form a double strand.