Thank you very much for your interest in commissioning a Piece of jewellery or metalwork at Byers & Co. To start you on your road to a new piece here’s a wee bit of information on how it works.

What we do

The quick answer is LOTS. The work we do varies hugely. We can remodel old, used piece of jewellery into something contemporary and to your taste, this includes re-using metal, re setting stones and also adding new metal or stones as required. Also designing and making new contemporary jewellery for men, women and silverware. Silverware can range from bowls, quaichs, presentation pieces and trophies, bottle tops, kilt pins, boxes, candlestick holders, sporran cantles, chess sets, anything you can think of we’d be happy to exercise brain cells and figure out how it can be done! The more bizarre the request the better!! Everything is made in Perth and carries the Edinburgh hallmark. Stones are of the best quality and have many rare and unusual cuts and varieties.

The Process

It all starts with the first informal enquiry where we’ll fire a few ideas about and get an initial feel for the piece to be created, then over the next week or so you will receive 4 drawing free of charge to look over with costings attached (any further drawings requested at this stage will be charged at £30 per 4 designs), then should you want to proceed, we would organise a second meeting where we work out the final design together, chat about materials and the final details. Once a design and price has been worked out we take 40% non-refundable deposit then the final balance is payable once the item has been made and meets your approval! Any re-sizing, repairs and re-polishing are complimentary for one year after purchase.


We like to be really transparent and up front about pricing, and really the best way to get a price is just to ask! We’re very happy to explain costings for any items anytime, and also advise on the best way to get a high quality piece for your budget. As a guide to commissions, a small item of silver jewellery can start from £45, 9ct gold commission’s start at £120 and 18ct gold and platinum commission’s start at £300. We’re more than happy to advise you on how to get the most from your budget, by discussing the stone sizes and varieties available, metal weight and alloy and work together to get the most bang for your buck!